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Ice Melts  


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15/09/2018 3:43 pm  

Ice Melts


Air around at freezing level – snow is falling

The epitome! The malardy! – is it her name you’re calling?

Searching through the shards that hang so jaggedly above

You cannot mourn, you cannot grieve she was no lost love?


Melting water dripping down refreezing in cold air

Watery toes and a numbing nose you enter up the stair

Journey steep and icicles, prone they are to breaking

You slipped and fell you knew quite well the risk that you were taking


Upon the ground pick and stand the effort was much wasted

But if dream were flavoured then it was the best you’d ever tasted

Sunshine breaks, the sky a hue, frost melting deep inside

Empty shells no creature dwells all washed up by the tide


© written by SL (