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Losing My Marbles  


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24/09/2018 2:00 am  

Losing My Marbles

I’ve been trying to get my marbles back into the tin
But I opened it up, slipped and fell in
Beautiful colours in a league of their own
Like to stay inside as it feels like my home
The image of something so pretty by sight
But always changing through daytime and throughout the night
Music is in the air, and the madness is sound
It cannot be contained as the lids no longer around

But I can no longer stand on these shiny glass stones
I keep falling over and I’m bruising bones
I imagine a rope at the side of this can
I want to shine like these marbles, I cant stop until I am
Then out of the crazy world, by a hand
I was plucked very gently to suddenly stand
I was not in the right place, and not right for me
And thanks to that’s hand, all is now where it should be