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Purple Sky - Poem relating to volcano Raikoke  


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18/09/2019 11:48 pm  

Purple Sky

Magna rises up and up like an unwelcome guest into your bedroom chamber
A force of anger and beligerence
You walk on broken glass
You tip toe around not to be seen or heard
Bubbles of disagreement set to ruin our very existence
A boil waiting to explode on the very face of humanity
It is not just you it seeks, it is everything
Isolated as such? not so much it has no reasoning
You cannot reason with a force of 'nature'
The 'nature' by our own design as people destroying the earth
Our ignorance for years and now too late
And in its carnage it creates such beauty in so many places so far away
The Russian 'liability' erupts this time with no true long lasting disarray, for now
And the rest of the world is left with a beautiful purple sky
But what about the next time and the next?
That unwelcome guest is hiding underneath your bed

copywrite Sarah (JibJabChat, Poetical-lines)

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17/12/2019 10:32 am  

Was given a title/theme for this one.  Not one of my best.  Served its purpose however.