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What a performance!  


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15/09/2018 5:03 pm  

What a performance


The hands of time turn to clap, as she exits the stage,

She left them full of feeling, she insighted them to rage

Her ‘performance’ was splendid, she danced then danced some more

Her words were harsh and flowing then they pranced right out the door

They were seething they were spiteful they were livid they were cruel

She sat feeling all their hatred laughing at them,  such a fool

Although the violin is old now and has seen much better days,

Legato, martellato, right arm flowing as she plays

Like a songbird like a sparrow flying high and voice so sweet

They aren’t worthy they are scurvy and not fit to kiss her feet

Time for an encore, she re-enters, she curtseys, takes a bow

She went and saw, studied the book but so tired of it now

The rage the bitterness,  the pointlessness of feeling so much hate

You went and bought the tickets it makes no sense now you were late

It’s the same story told every time you sneak a peak

The performers invoke feelings brings you down and makes you weak

You repeat the same performance and your script always the same

Did you get what you were after and are you really glad you came?

The echos through the hall resonate an eerie tune

The whole world is out there turning as you sit here in this room

The doors are open wide now for everyone to take their leave

Do you really hate these people or were you just led just to believe?

The audience were captive and also had their parts to play

Take your slings, your bows, your arrows and just put them all away

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